Passionate About Design


Gigmoz Solutions was established in 2016.
The purpose of our agency was to create high-quality online experience for our clients irrespective of their business sectors, IT background, business age and so on. Over the next couple of years, we saw ourselves growing from a digital marketing agency to a business solutions consultancy. We specialize in creating online as well as offline applications that can help assist our clients’ businesses and help them expand into new territories.
We have served 50+ clients in the last 2 years in the construction, trading, start-up, electronics, education, pharmacy, real-estate and retail sectors.

  • 50+
  • 100+


  • Our job description, basically, is to know about the latest trends and technologies allowing you to rest easy and focus completely on your business.

  • Because at the end of the day, we don’t just want to make a product that works but a product that looks fantastic while at work.

  • A quality client requires a quality IT team. Quality matters. Whether it is in the products we build or the people building it.

  • We will take care of you even beyond the product delivery. We want to make sure that when you leave, you leave happy.


Architects or Traders, Retailers or Manufacturers, we serve clients big and small with variety of backgrounds. We not just provide what they want but also what they need. We work hand in hand reaching new heights together. They succeed, We succeed.